Cerec InLab

Capital Dental Lab is proud to offer CEREC inLab, and it's everything you've ever wanted in a restoration.

When you prescribe CEREC inLab restorations, you enjoy the best of all worlds: clinically proven strength, exceptional beauty, and unwavering clinical confidence.  All the positive aspects you expect with PFMs… but without the metal.  CEREC inLab all-ceramic restorations give you choices that create a path to excellence for any clinical indication — choices that concur both esthetically with the case at hand, as well as with your standard technique.

CEREC inLab is an opportunity to expand your business and offer patients the benefits of all-ceramic CAD/CAM restorations, while maintaining the same easy prep and placement methods you currently use for PFMs.


IPS e.max Lithium Disilicate

(trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent)

Lithium disilicate (LS2) glass-ceramic is ideally suitable for the fabrication of monolithic single-tooth restorations. This innovative ceramic provides highly esthetic results and, compared to other glass-ceramics, demonstrates a strength that is 2.5 to 3 times higher. Supported with zirconium oxide, it may also be used for bridges in the posterior area.

The material is used in the dental laboratory in conjunction with either the press or the CAD/CAM technology. Given the high strength of 360-400 MPa, the restorations offer flexible cementation options. Depending on the patient situation, the restorations may be veneered in a highly esthetic manner or, if fabricated as monolithic restorations, stained.

Even if the preparations demonstrate a dark shade (e.g. as a result of discolouration or titanium abutments), all-ceramic restorations may be fabricated. Inform your laboratory about the die shade and the dental technicians then selects the IPS e.max lithium disilicate material in the required opacity in order to redesign the true-to-nature esthetic appearance.

The Highlights: